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Best Solutions for Retail Management


Solutions for Retail

The ultimate system to help you get your trade and services to the next step

Smart solutions for online and offline sales, retail and wholesale businesses across their purchasing, inventory planning, sales, billing, financial reporting and accounting processes.
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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

Membership, discounts, and promotions

Convenience store

A comprehensive system aimed at managing convenience store operations, customer purchasing, and internal employee processes in the easiest way possible.
One of the vital parts of big city busy lifestyles are convenient stores that are open 24/7. We offer solutions for the headquarters to manage these stores, so that they can reach their customers' needs with ease.
Manage your branch locations, suppliers, supplier agreements, and product master data all from one system, and implement product category management that meets the international standards to your stores today.
Possibly the easiest way branch stores can place their everyday orders. The system aims to avoid any disruption of goods and lost sales opportunities. Everyday orders are collected in the mornings, sending order slips to the supplier by email, with the added possibility of placing an emergency order.
Products with a long shelf life are received from the suppliers and stored in the warehouse, and later distributed to branch stores on a daily basis. Products with a shorter shelf life but can't be delivered by suppliers to specific branch stores are stored in a separate warehouse and later distributed to the branches.
Our ordering system also suggests the best quantity of products based on the order history, weather, days of the week, and current promotions. The calculations are developed based on industry-leading experience and mathematical calculations, with the aim to create a self-learning model.
Service must be offered without fail to meet every single person's needs perfectly. Therefore, we offer the most number of payment methods to our customers to ensure the fastest and simplest payment process.
One of the biggest features of convenient stores is the constant promotions and discounts for their customers. We offer the ultimate three-way solution between the consumers' app, customer's system, and the sales POS.
All types of information are considered vital in order to manage a high number of branches. We have included all types of management and other analytical reports in our system.
Purchasing, sales, returns, balance and any other on-time processes in the company are recorded real time on the system, allowing the most accurate consolidation between all parties.

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