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A smart financial ERP that helps you get more done in less time, streamline your decision-making and save your time
санхүүгийн програм, систем
санхүүгийн програм, систем
санхүүгийн програм, систем
Our system generates all types of financial reports according to the domestic financial reporting standards and the IFRS, offering the following modules:
Flexible, real-time accounting, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, reporting and more processes that meet the Ministry of Finance and Taxation Office of Mongolia, in this rapidly changing financial environment.
Ерөнхий журнал | Ultimate Solutions

General ledger

A full-scale process section that includes reporting and information in accordance with the financial and accounting standards in force in Mongolia, and based on the accounting plan of the organization in that section, users can perform transactions.
Авлага өглөгийн бүртгэл | Ultimate Solutions

Receivables and payables

Allowing users to manage receivable and payable accounts in accordance with the other modules.
Бараа материалын бүртгэл | Ultimate Solutions


The inventory management module includes processes such as identifying inventory requirement, setting target levels, selecting replenishment techniques, monitoring inventory usage, recording balance, and reporting inventory status.
Ultimate solutions - ажлын орчин


The cash management module allows you to monitor and analyze all cash flows of the organization, including suppliers, sales, and banking transactions. Depending on the specifics of the organization, the user will be given additional opportunities to connect to Corporate Gateway.
Үндсэн хөрөнгийн бүртгэл | Ultimate Solutions

Fixed asset

The fixed asset management module allows users maintain records of fixed assets of enterprises in accordance with standards, process and consolidate information in a short period of time, view inquiries at each level, and obtain reports.

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