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Яагаад Ultimate ERP
Яагаад Ultimate ERP

Why Ultimate?

Яагаад Ultimate ERP
Яагаад Ultimate ERP
Яагаад Ultimate ERP

Latest technological opportunities

The Ultimate ERP system offers their customers the advantage of constantly introducing the latest advanced innovative technology, reflecting the latest changes in the system on a regular basis.
Яагаад Ultimate ERP
Бизнес процессийн зөвлөх үйлчилгээ

Business process consulting service

By using the Ultimate ERP system, customers get the opportunity to use the latest business processes and receive consulting services tailored for their own business, along with analysis reports.
Agile төслийн удирдлагын аргачлал

Introduced the agile project management method

The agile project management method makes it possible to create value by navigating through new business requirements as per the customer’s requests. The Ultimate ERP system is able to meet each customer’s needs by providing solutions tailored to their business and make developments accordingly.
Ultimate ERP - Чанарын удирдлагын тогтолцоо
Ultimate ERP - Чанарын удирдлагын тогтолцоо

Quality management system

We provide quality management system and the agile project management method for our developments, which allows us to provide the Ultimate services for you. We’re using Atlassian Jira and Trello for our operations and quality management system.

Advantages of the ULTIMATE ERP system

A business process that meets the international standards

We offer you the opportunity to improve your business process that meets the international standards with our Ultimate ERP system. Monitoring and process performance can be increased up to 70%-100%.

Agile project management methodology

Each of the riskiest processes of ERP implementation, such as business process research and implementation, is characterized by Agile methodology, which is a great incentive to minimize the risk of the client.

Learn about your business performance within a moment's notice

By being able to see all necessary information compiled in one place, management team can make the right decisions with the right reports, generated in real time.

Constant support and service level agreement

We offer to make a service level agreement /SLA/ with our customers once they implement Ultimate ERP system, in order to ensure constant improvements and support. Within the agreement, customers can receive everyday service from our team for a certain period of time that meets the requirements of their business process.


Users can receive progress reports of the service they’re receiving, implementation, and development processes. If necessary, we allow the customer to monitor the work progress on Jira.