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The perfect system for easy and fast decision-making.


Warehouse management systems

Manage your warehouse and plan intelligently to fulfill your tasks to its full potential
We’re offering the best solution in Mongolia that allows users to be up to the international standards for warehouse operations by making appropriate technological innovative updates to our system on a regular basis.
The perfect system for easy and fast decision-making.

1. Inbound process solutions

Users can receive products from the manufacturing site by creating a lot number or license for each pallet according to the international standards.

2. The best solution for the putaway process

After receiving, the products are put away in specific locations based on the lot number or license, allowing the most precise solution with 100% scanning solution.

3. Vital process of replenishment

Replenishing the inventory in the warehouse is one of the most important tasks, which includes monitoring the expiration date, tracking, and packing according to international standards.

4. The packing process affects turnover

In order for products to reach the outbound section of the warehouse, it needs to be packed automatically or manually. In this process, the products go through the scanning process again by lot number or license.

5. Packing is a good solution in the outbound section

In order to transfer products to the outbound section, orders are processed and placed in the shipment area. The products are transferred and tracked with the lot number or license in the outbound section in order to ensure the ultimate solution.

6. The distribution process starts from the shipment area

The orders that have been processed for distribution are transferred to be distributed. These products can be tracked by location and delivered to consumers.

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