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The only comprehensive system that simplifies the Mongolian insurance sector processes


Comprehensive system capable of automating the insurance flow and payment of claims, calculation related reserve funds, processing FRC reports, and working in connection with other programs.

Customer database

Giving the possibility to create the biggest insurance database and receive vital information at a moment's notice. The system is connected to XYP and DAN systems, where detailed information can be downloaded.

Insurance agreement and warranty calculations

Insurance agreements and warranty registrations can be created dynamically. It is the only system that registers and prints agreements and warranties. Specialists are notified whenever specific changes are made on the insurance agreement.

Calculation of insurance claims

Full insurance process of insurance agreement and claims, with the possibility to automate the claims calculation process. For instance, the claims NT5 form can be generated straight from the system, allowing the case to move straight to decision process at the finance department.

Calculation of reserves

At the end of the quarter, month and year, it will be possible to prorate the calculation of the funds, with the possibility of extracting FRC forms straight from the system as reports. The structure and amounts of the financial statements are also automatically maintained.

Hi. How can we help?


We provide regular technical support by contacting our customers by phone and e-mail.


We provide system training and manuals to staff using our ERP system

Help Desk

Customers can regularly communicate with us via our program to send information, suggestions, and requests.